Thursday, 1 September 2011

Beside the seaside

This was the first piece of work I tried, using the embellisher. The doorways of the beach huts were knitted Colinette yarn. I used the embellisher (needle felter) to attach the doorways to the handmade felt of the beach huts. Both were rather thick. Yes, I broke several needles, but it worked as a way of attaching one piece to the other.
The embellisher is now my favorite! We have spent many happy, industrious hours together.,


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this piece! The little huts are great and so colourful, perfectly reminiscent of the ones lining the shores of the beaches we spent our holidays on when kids, and those seagulls are adorable.

  2. Hi Janet, all your pieces are wonderful. I would love to have ideas and think in colour like this. How did you do the seagulls? Jane

  3. lovely piece Janet, I love your love of bright colours! is there hand sewing in that too?...glen